Lunettes Kollektion Off the record, smoky black ArtNr.: 0451

auch erhältlich in folgenden Farben: black, incense und tortoise.

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comes in two sizes: 51-20-140 / 53-20-140
colour: smoky black M7007
material: acetate

Modest at first glance, this unisex frame develops into a real beauty when set upon the face. This flattering mix of oval and Panto frames sits comfortably and lightly, without resting on the cheekbones.

Lunettes Kollektion frames are assembled by hand at small, family-run factories in Italy and Germany. The expertise of these production partners helps provide a seamless melding of old-fashioned quality and modern design, which exemplifies the philosophy and values of Lunettes Kollektion, and at the same time, supports small businesses and minimizes the brand’s carbon footprint.
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