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Lunettes Kollektion Sang Froid, sun, black ArtNr.: 0577

auch erhältlich in den Farben nebular und stracciatella.

309,00 €
Sofort lieferbar


size: 57-19-135
colour: black 7007
material: acetate
lens colour: brown gradient
fitted with lenses produced by Carl Zeiss Vision

Keeping your cool was never a problem before. But then again, a quickening pulse is practically invisible. As is the bottom edge of this intriguing frame,
thanks to its Nylor high-tension thread. This play of contrasts will leave them breathless.

Designed with an accent on aesthetic detail, all of the glasses in Lunettes Kollektion are painstakingly produced using traditional methods. The frames start with the highest quality Cellulose Acetate, a hypoallergenic and renewable natural material that is the specialty of Italy’s Mazzucchelli, which has been plying its craft since 1849. Based on wood and cotton fibers, Cellulose Acetate provides Lunettes frames with a rich range of colors, an easy-to-wear lightness, and a reliable flexibility.
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