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Tabula Rasa, sun, champaign, yellow mirror ArtNr.: 0636

auch erhältlich in black

289,00 €
Sofort lieferbar
size: 53-24-140
colour: champaign 1451
material: acetate
lens colour: yellow mirror

Lunettes Kollektion frames of your choice get a neon hot color blast for the summer. A pop of pink, blue, purple and yellow makes Tabula Rasa or Le Flaneur the perfect tangy treat to enjoy alongside summer’s last rays, while the mirrored lenses keep you cool as you feel the heat from the smoldering glances of your admirers.

Lunettes Kollektion offers today’s discerning trendsetters, designers, and creative capitalists eyewear with a point of view and a flash of wit.
Fine materials and modern design set the stage, while the refined forms subtly reference iconic frames from the annals of fashion and cinema.
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