Lunettes Kollektion Fjarill/11, seegrass Art no.: 0942

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also available in following colour: rosewood

Size: 55-22-145

total width: 138

Wings gently brush your cheekbones as they take flight across the busy city street. We call this lovely frame Fjarill, because that's the Swedisch word for butterly.

Berlin has seen and endured tides of change; buildings have risen and fallen in waves of history. In the resulting blend, modernism meets mannered. Generations of families run the cafes and shops that rub elbows with new galleries, chic hotels and coffee roasters that populate the poured cement pre-fab corners. The Concrete Dreams collection creates eyewear for this sidewalk showcase. Design cornerstones are solid and angular, but recognize a softer side, like a secret smile from a passer-by. The black and grey and slightly dingy tones here are embraced and matched with vibrant shades lifted from corner shops laden with fresh fruit or from splotches of graffiti. There is joy in this imperfect beauty as we update iconic styles with fresh shape revisions, and introduce new shades.

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