Since 2013, we present a colorful variety of eyewear for girls and boys. In terms of design, we offer our smallest customers a large number of choices. However, children’s glasses must meet a different set of requirements than those intended for adult faces. The glasses and sunglasses we’ve selected for kids have been carefully chosen to meet the needs of boys and girls, and to support them throughout their active everyday lives.  You’ll find many highlights amongst our children’s glasses offerings, including: Dior sunglasses from the early 80s bedecked with tiny bows, joyful gingham-print frames from Le Halles from the 90s, vibrantly patterned glasses frames made by Tintin & Milou and Benetton, as well as handcrafted kid’s frames from our favorite Parisian brands: Very French Gangsters and Caroline Abram.


It’s not just high-level design than makes all of our children’s glasses so exceptional — it’s also the fact that they have been especially selected to suit 3 to 14-year-olds. Children have a very active field of vision, and due to their height, they look up quite often. Therefore, round frames are ideal for kids, because they are conducive to every kind of eye movement, and also have a wide contact area with the nose, so that they sit comfortably. Since we know children love to run and play and move, we choose our frames with care to make sure they are particularly stable, but at the same time very flexible, so that the glasses won’t bend or break. Be they brightly hued, delicately patterned, or streamlined and classic like their parents’ glasses, at Lunettes Selection in Berlin Charlottenburg, you’ll be sure to find the ideal eyewear for your kids. 


What’s more: Lunettes Selection offer unbreakable lenses for kids at reasonable prices. Your child is already wearing glasses? Please remember that kids grow quickly, and that their vision also changes more rapidly than that of adults. It is recommended that children have their eyes examined once a year by an eye doctor, and that their glasses be adjusted accordingly depending on the findings. Whoever says that sunglasses for children are just for show is really quite mistaken. In fact, as kids grow and mature, their eyes are particularly sensitive; UV light can actually cause permanent damage. So it really is worth paying a visit to our eye care experts, even if corrective lenses aren’t currently needed. 


Our specialist shop for children’s glasses can be found a few steps away from Ku'damm in Charlottenburg: Bleibtreustraße 29/30, 10707 Berlin – Phone: 030 - 88 47 30 60


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