From Paris to Berlin: Designer Rick Owens studied fine arts in Los Angeles, and attended several design seminars before founding his namesake label in 1994. He developed a highly precise style based on minimal cuts in mostly dark colors, combined with avant-garde elements. “Order and logic, with a moment of madness,” is how the designer describes his stylistic concept. Rick Owens represents an elegant balance between grunge and art. His looks are particularly beloved and instantly recognizable in the Berlin club scene. Yet his deconstructed looks —  with their open edges or oversized cuts —  are also functional and casual, as if they were made perfectly for dancing all night in Berlin.

In additional to clothing, the collection includes glasses and sunglasses. Rick Owens himself is often seen wearing glasses of his own design, that boast the model name “Rick;” we’ve got them in three different colors. Rick Owens eyewear includes not only optical frames, but also futuristic shields. Each piece is created from high-quality materials and finished in a small manufactory in Japan. 

You can find an exciting assortment of Rick Owens eyewear designs on permanent offer at our boutiques in Berlin Mitte, Berlin Charlottenburg, and Berlin Prenzlauer Berlin. On request, we can also order specific glasses or sunglasses for you that may be tried on in one of our locations. For those who don’t live in Berlin, please check our online store, where we have a carefully curated assortment of avant-garde glasses and sunglasses for your consideration.

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