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Vintage Round Sunglasses

Lunettes Selection loves the sun, and we know our customers do, too. That's why we offer a careful curation of vintage and designer sunglasses that impress us with their unique retro look, sophisticated design, and high-quality finishing. Our never-been-worn classic vintage eyewear selection is second to none, and of course the best designer and retro sunglasses brands are represented. You can view many of them right here online.

Why vintage sunglasses?

Because they really get around! Round glasses are essentially unisex, they suit everyone. No matter your prescription or face shape or size, there's a pair out there for you, with a price that suits.
Make a match by exploring the wide offering we have listed online. For easy searching, apply filter like designer brand, decade, frame material, or eyeglasses shape.

Why round vintage sunglasses?

What comes around goes around. And that's certainly the case with the round sunglasses. Round glasses are one of the most iconic glasses shapes, and certainly one of the oldest. Round shapes lend special style, and every unworn vintage pair we offer is different. Essentially unisex, they suit both men and women. It's also possible to fit a variety of face sizes and face shapes with this classic form. Oval and round frames can also accommodate any sort of prescription, and come at various price levels. To find your perfect match, simply stroll through our excellent online selection of round and oval sunglasses. Or search by shape, vintage style, historical era, material, colour, or glasses brand. Discovery is half the fashionable fun.

Which vintage round and oval sunglasses brands can I find at Lunettes Selection?

Lunettes' scouts are always on the hunt to find you the very best round and oval sunglasses discoveries. Our collection hosts an impressive range of top-rate unworn retro round sunglasses and oval models from iconic fashion and eyewear designers, including:
  • Jean-Paul Gaultier
  • Joop!
  • Robert La Roche
  • Alain Mikli
  • Epos Milano
  • Jean Lafont
  • Lozza
  • Selecta
  • Channel Jackie O, or Kurt Cobain.
Take your cues from James Joyce, or John Lennon. Round and oval glasses always circle back to fashion. Be it steampunk, mod, mirror, black chunky, gold vintage metallic, Cat, or Aviator, each vintage lens has been tested for glass quality and UV protection, and is good to go.

What different kinds of retro round sunglasses can I choose from?

Our collection of unworn vintage round style sunglasses  and oval sunglasses includes:
  • Antique Metal Frames
  • Antique Horn
  • Contemporary Genuine Horn
  • Gold-plated Frames
  • Celluloid 1940's Sunglasses
  • Oversized Round Sunglasses
  • Panto Frames
  • Black Nerd Frames
  • Mirrored Lens Sunglasses
  • 90's-style Small Round Sunglasses
  • 90's-style Small Oval Sunglasses
  • 90's Minimalist
  • Steampunk
  • Double-Bridge
  • Men, Women and Unisex Frames
  • Geometric Spectacles
  • Tortoiseshell
  • Rimless Frames
Browse by historical era, or material: acetate, metal, or even celluloid. You can also view by colour -- from clear to black to pink to gold to blue --  or classic vintage sunglasses brand. If you like, we can point out retro models -- from Lennon to Steampunk -- with applicable prices depending on your needs.  

Can I get them with prescription lenses, too?

Our team can also fit your ideal  round sunglasses or ovals with all different kinds of lenses. You can choose from tinted lenses in a variety of shades or gradients, different colours of mirrored finishes, and clear glass or fashion lenses. If you need corrective lenses, that's also no problem at all. We offer varying thicknesses for prescription lenses

What about lenses? Can Lunettes put my prescription in vintage frames?

Our team can also fit your ideal round sunglasses with a variety of lenses. Choose from:
  • Tinted Lenses
  • Different Colors and Gradients
  • Mirrored Finish
  • Prescription Glass
  • Standard to Ultra Thin Thickness
  • Progressive Lenses (in-store only)
  • Clear Glass

How do I order my round vintage sunglasses?

Simply get your prescription to us, and decide what type of lenses you prefer.  Your round or oval retro sunglasses of choice, complete with custom vision or fashion lenses made to your specifications, will be on their way to you swiftly. 

Lunettes Selection brings you true alternative to high-street, mainstream, and super-trendy eyewear. We make sure each customer is satisfied with his or her  purchase. And our items are always authentic, guaranteed.

I'd like to ask some questions!

No problem! Lunettes' expert team would love to hear from you. We can give you much more info about our sunglasses, and make sure you get a pair of sunnies that suit, be they modern, retro, or contemporary. Give us a ring (it's free if you live in Germany), message us via WhatsApp, or drop us an email. Assistance in German, in English, or in Dutch is available from our friendly and trained staff.

Other options are available upon request and in our stores. Query us at your convenience about the sunglasses lenses that best suit your tastes and prescription. Explore our variety of designer sunglasses here online, and maybe order a batch of retro sunglasses to try on for size at home with our sampling service. Within Germany we offer you free delivery and free returns on sample orders.

What else can you tell me about Lunettes Selection?

Our three Berlin boutiques have become favored destinations for locals and tourists alike. We offer top service and an unmatched assortment of good quality original vintage sunglasses for women and men, and of course also unisex shades. 

Additionally, the design and fashion press have also said a few nice things -- in fact everyone from Gala to Gentleman loves Lunettes Selection!

* incl. tax, plus shipping