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Lunettes Kollektion Je ne sais quoi, sun, incense ArtNr.: 0525

auch erhältlich in folgenden Farben: black, smoky black, tortoise

279,00 €
Sofort lieferbar
comes in two sizes: 50-18-140 / 54-18-140
colour: incense AB1650
material: acetate
lens colour: greengrey
fitted with lenses manufactured by Carl Zeiss Vision

It’s just that certain something that makes you take a second look . Maybe it’s the the elegantly architectural double bridge.
Perhaps it could be the confident curves. What ever it is, it knows you’ll be coming back .

Designed with an accent on aesthetic detail, all of the eyeglasses from Lunettes Kollektion are painstakingly produced by traditional methods. The frames start with the highest quality Cellulose Acetate, a natural raw material that is the speciality of Italy’s Mazzucchelli, which has been plying its craft since 1849. They are assembled by hand at a small family-run factory in Northern Italy.
To house these beauties, exclusive handcrafted boxes made from recycled cardboard materials have been created by small manufacturers based in Europe.
The expertise of these production partners helps provide a seamless melding of old-fashioned quality and modern design, which exemplifies the philosophy and values of Lunettes Kollektion, and at the same time, supports small businesses and minimizes the brand’s carbon footprint.
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