Did you know that aviator glasses have been around since the 1930's?  And that the Panto frame had its debut in the Roaring Twenties? Our design classics never go out of fashion. And what's more, they stand the test of time. So there's no time like the present to seek out a pair of vintage eyeglasses or sunglasses from the Lunettes Selection online shop!

Even today,  our unworn originals have lost none of their magical effects - quite the opposite.
In fact it's their histories that make them such delightfully wearable accessories.
Design classics are regarded as iconic, and function as if they were created specifically to enhance your personality, or offer you the chance to completely transform your look.

From understated to glamorous - our styles can fulfill your desires. Why not try on the charming nerd look from The Royal Tennenbaums, or play with the intellectual aura afforded by a pair of Panto frames or horn-rimmed glasses?
By the way, all retro models stocked by Lunettes Selection are first-rate, and never secondhand.

Our assortment is comprised of unworn vintage originals from the inventories of well-known eyewear manufacturers. Often handmade, these vintage frames will convince you not only with their distinctive design, but also with a quality and fit unrivaled by most of today's mass-produced glasses.

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