Vintage Eyewear from Lunettes Selection: Turning to the Past to Improve our Shared Future

At Lunettes Selection, we have a holistic worldview. That’s why we know that sometimes future solutions can best be found by looking to the past.

That’s certainly the case when it comes to eyewear. We know there are a lot of choices out there, from quick-turnaround, mass-produced high street styles to big-label luxury brands. And for the last ten years or so, there’s even been a host of green-seeming glasses made with new ideas and exciting technologies.  

Yet, the most sustainable eyewear options out there don’t use the latest science, contain no fossil fuels, and have no carbon footprint. That’s because they’ve already been around for decades. The best way to manufacture new glasses and sunglasses is, quite simply, not to make them at all. To that end, Lunettes Selections vintage scouts are always on the lookout for unworn hidden treasures from the past to uncover and bring to our stores in Berlin.

Buying less and buying better is hands-down the most environmentally-friendly solution. Our so-called dead stock gets a new life from our customers. Reanimated, these amazing glasses and sunglasses hit the streets, the catwalks and the boardwalks, making everything old new again. And our premier selections are, of course, never second-hand.

Internationally Acclaimed Design with a Focus on Sustainability: Our House Brand Lunettes Kollektion

Where and how we produce our own-brand glasses line is tightly interwoven with our accountability to people and the environment. Rather than cheaply manufacturing in Asia, we’ve always chosen to work with small, family-run factories in Northern Italy. These long-term relationships support traditional firms that have been plying their trade since 1878. Our house mark Lunettes Kollektion is hand-finished in the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage region in the midst of the most beautiful mountain landscapes in the world. To package our glasses, we rely almost entirely on recycled materials and FSC-certified paper produced in Berlin by another of our long-standing partners, one of the oldest family-operated companies in the German capital. With their help, we are able to reduce our carbon footprint even further.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Delivering Our Products Responsibly

When it comes to delivery, we’re also taking important steps to reduce waste. We pack using 100% natural and sustainable materials as box filler, including recycled paper.  Cardboard packing cartons are also re-used whenever possible. To protect our fine eyewear, we use as little synthetic material as we can. When that’s not possible, we make sure to use it more than once. We prove the argument that a circular economy makes good sense for both the environment and business.   

Vintage in Every Way: The Interiors of Our Berlin Stores

Our philosophy and eco-minded approach also extends to the furnishings in our stores in Berlin Mitte, Prenzlauer Berg, and Charlottenburg. Our newest shop, designed by Oskar Kohnen Studio, effortlessly integrates vintage store fittings and modern antique furniture. The showpiece is a set of floor-to-ceiling East German workshop cabinets that hold countless glasses and sunglasses —  restored and painted pastel green custom for Lunettes Selection. The 1970’s marble floor in the location was also revamped instead of replaced, and topped at the store’s center with a collector’s edition French table showcasing a selection of vintage eyewear. Classic interior design pieces from Jacques Adnet and Pierre Paulin add a finishing touch to the space.

Our Philosophy: Diverse. Sustainable. Fair.

Since its founding in 2006, the Lunettes Selection team has been international, diverse, modern, and tradition-conscious — all at once. It fully reflects our idea of a sustainable, ethical company culture with flat hierarchies and greater autonomy. What unites us is the respect for artisanal work, high-quality materials, and an appreciation for history. We believe that our philosophy and our products can help bring about positive change. Transparency and exquisite craftsmanship paired with creative, sustainable products: these stand as the guiding principles of our business, both now and in the future.
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