Wondering how to find the perfect new pair of Lunettes Selection glasses or sunglasses to suit your face type? There are a number of factors to consider when figuring out which kind of eyewear is right for you. 

First of all, determine your face shape. Do you have an oblong face or oval face shape? Perhaps you have a rectangular face shape, a square face, heart-shaped face, or rounded. Maybe a diamond face? Look at your cheekbones, chin, jaw and forehead to make the ruling on your face shape. And remember, all face shapes are beautiful!
  • Oval Faces have balanced features and narrow slightly from forehead to chin
  • Heart Faces have wide foreheads and narrow through the jawline and the chin
  • Square Faces are strong, and angular in the forehead, cheeks and jaw
  • Round Faces tend soft and circular and are similar in width and length 

Now that you've determined your face shape, we can make a few suggestions. But also, cast an eye to your eyebrows. Consider your nose. Have a look at your face from its best angle. Get ready to find the right frame for your face shape. 

If you have an oval-shaped face, many different eyewear styles will suit you. Oval faces should choose frame styles that are slightly larger in width. Oval face shapes should consider:
  • Rectangular
  • Cat Eye Eyeglass Models
  • Panto Shapes
  • Square Frames
  • Any proportional style 

When you have a heart-shaped face or triangular face and broad forehead, look for frames slightly wider than your face that enhance the brow line and flatter high cheekbones. These will draw attention to the top part of your face and away from a narrow chin. Heart faces should search out: 
  • Cat Eye 
  • Rectangular Eyeglass Frames
  • Combination/Semi-rimless
  • Gradient Colour Frames

For those with rectangular or square faces, or a prominent jawline, lightly rounded or rounded glasses frames will flatter you most as they soften angular features. Light-colored frames may also be a good choice. Look for proportional styles. Square faces can find:
  • Panto Frames
  • Oval Frames
  • Half-rimmed Glasses
  • Rounded Glasses
  • Round Eyewear 

Glasses frames for round faces or rounder face shapes should be complimentary. For rounder faces, angular models add a touch of interest and may make round faces appear thinner. Round faces may consider: 
  • Square Frame Shapes
  • Rectangular
  • Angled Cat Eye or Butterfly Shape
  • Narrow Frame Shapes
  • Full-rim Glasses
  • Angular Frames 

Now, let's think about style. Do you work in a conservative office, or in a busy nightclub? Does that big pair of glasses you're attracted to really work in all situations, or should you build an eyewear wardrobe? Large glasses are an eye-catching fashion statement. Smaller styles may be seen as more classical and conservative, and perhaps more serious. 

An oversized pair may be worn for fashion effect, especially in the case of sunglasses, but the eyeglasses frame should always fit your face to create balanced proportions.  If you prefer smaller frames, make sure the frame itself is proportionally cut, and not too small for your face shape. If the frame is too small, you could stretch the hinges by wearing it. 

Pay attention to the length and shape of the temples of each eyeglass frame. The temple should be long enough so that the curved section fits firmly and comfortably around the ear, so it can evenly distribute the weight of the glasses on the face.  If temples are too short, the glasses can press upon the face, or easily fall off. If it's too long, it can stick out beyond the head. Long temples can be shortened by opticians if needed. 

The bridge with is additionally an important detail that is often underestimated. However, it can affect your vision, because it determines where the glasses sit on the face in proportion to the eyes. If the bridge is too wide, the glasses will not be properly situated, and will not be effectively corrected. 

If you have a small or flat nose, nose pads can be used to create a better fit so that the bridge does not press uncomfortably on the cheek or nose.  The right size and fit can be found for every facial feature, but it is best to avoid narrow bridge frames for this type of face. 

For glasses wearers with strong prescriptions, a smaller frame is a better choice because of lens width. Strong lenses, even in ultra-thin glass, can be heavy, and a larger frame can cause issues. Round, oval, or Cat Eye are good choices, and acetate material may be preferable. Multifocal glasses wearers should also look to small frames. 

The form of the glasses should follow the natural curve of the brow. The upper edge of the frame should not cross your eyebrows. The lower edge of the frame should highlight or accentuate the cheekbones, for a flattering effect. 

Think about colour choice as well. Why not pick a frame that compliments your eye colour? Yellow or gold makes blue eyes sparkle. Aubergine purple gives a special accent to green eyes. The shade should also flatter your skin tone, and not clash with your hair color.  Whether metal or acetate, plastic or horn-rimmed, the Lunettes optical staff can advise you on the best choice for your new pair.  

To determine the ideal glasses size, have a look at our Frame Size Information, available here in the online shop, where you can shop all styles from Aviators to Cat Eyes. Based on the dimensions we list, you can choose the right glasses for yourself, or compare them with your existing glasses or sunglasses.

We have a great variety of options available, including many that cannot be listed or shown in our online shop. Our stock is simply too vast! And we understand that finding the perfect pair of eyeglasses online is a challenge. That's why we offer a sampling service so you can try on up to six pairs of frames to see what suits you and your face shape and skin tone and hair color best, with no obligation to buy. Samples ship free within Germany as well. Simply keep the one you like best, and return the rest. Shop now!

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