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Lunettes Kollektion Comme ci comme ça, sun, black ArtNr.: 0558

auch erhältlich in folgenden Farben: rouge und nebular

Sofort lieferbar
size: 50-22-140
colour: black 7007
material: acetate
lens colour: grey gradient
Fitted with lenses manufactured by Carl Zeiss Vision

This is the way forward - with an ample curve. That is the way out – follow the sharp corners. Move far and wide, navigating the world with a dash of wit and a wellspring of insight, armed with this playfully dynamic frame that takes a comic wink at the iconic cateye.

Born in Berlin, Lunettes Kollektion sparkles with new creative energy while staying grounded in history, just like the city it calls home. This sophisticated high-quality collection introduces the next set of contemporary classics in European eyewear design. Lunettes Kollektion’s original unisex frames for prescription glasses and sunglasses allow the wearer’s individuality to shine through with elegance and authenticity.
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