Lunettes Kollektion Fare bella Figura, miele Art no.: 0408

  • Fare bella Figura, miele
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also available in following colours: crystal, smoky champaign, smoky bourbon, leo, dark tortoise, smoky ink.
comes in two sizes: 47-22-140 / 51-22-140
colour: miele 1992
material: acetate

Any visitor to Italy quickly learns that Italians value what‘s easy on the eyes.
So it is no surprise that fare bella figura – or, make a good impression – is a dictum we stumble across from Milan to Stromboli. The art of projecting a good image includes civilized behavior to accompany that particularly attractive appearance – ideally, the bella figura is not merely a mask , but a reflection of the person within.

Born in Berlin, Lunettes Kollektion sparkles with new creative energy while staying grounded in history, just like the city it calls home. This sophisticated high-quality collection introduces the next set of contemporary classics in European eyewear design. Lunettes Kollektion’s original unisex frames for prescription glasses and sunglasses allow the wearer’s individuality to shine through with elegance and authenticity.
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