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Still flying high. Aviator sunglasses have a storied history, and it really is all in the name. They were first developed as sun protection for military pilots around the 1930’s to guard against the intense sun and glare at the ever-higher altitudes planes could reach. The classic oversized double teardrop shape covered the men's entire eye, making the design practical, as well as good-looking. The style spread from pilots to fisher men and golfers, and Aviator sunglasses -- also known as RayBans -- became truly popular in the 1950’s. Aviators are still one of the best-loved frame shapes, and have been seen on the faces of luminaries from Marlon Brando to Madonna to Elvis to Gloria Steinem to Run DMC. There's no style like Aviator style

To find your perfect match, simply view our excellent range of retro Aviator sunglasses listed online. We've searched out plenty of delights for you to explore.

Why vintage Aviator sunglasses? 

Aviators are simply cool and classic, and what could be better than an original? They offer special style, and every unworn vintage pair of sunglasses we offer is different. Whether metal or acetate, double or single bridge, standard or oversized, the sky’s the limit for our Aviator options. They suit women as well as men, too. Choose from delicate gold or silver metal frame colour, sturdy black-rimmed, brown Tortoiseshell, rimless Aviator frames, and more. 

Oversized Aviator-style sunglasses are also perfect to hide behind, for shy men and paparazzi-weary women. Just ask Jennifer Anniston, Sean Penn, or Michael Jackson. 

Lunettes Selection loves the sun, and we know our customers do, too. That's why we offer a careful curation of vintage and designer sunglasses that impress us with their unique retro style, sophisticated design, and high-quality finishing. Our never-been-worn classic vintage spectacles selection is the gold standard, and of course the best designers and retro sunglasses brands are represented.  

Which designer vintage Aviator frames are carried by Lunettes Selection?

  • Carerra 
  • Cazal
  • Neostyle
  • Lunor 
  • Selecta
  • Indo
  • Gianfranco Ferré
  • Dior Homme
  • Robert La Roche
  • Porsche Design 
  • Randolph USA  

Be it gold Aviator, black Wayfarer, or Cat, vintage sunglasses function both as necessities and accessories, for women and for men. Our optical pros guarantee that every customer gets the best pair possible. You can find Aviator frames at a price you can afford. Each vintage sunglasses lens has been tested for glass quality and UV protection and the best view for you.

Can Lunettes put my prescription in vintage frames?

Yes! Prescription lenses can be fit into each and every carefully chosen Aviator-style sunglasses. To do so, our opticians will require your eye-doctor prescription as well as what kind of lenses you would like, and then they can prepare your eyeglasses or sunglasses with your Aviator  frame of choice. In just a few days, a completed pair of glasses or sunglasses fit with custom-cut prescription lenses will be posted to your address. We can additionally offer you progressive or varifocal options (in-store, Berlin-only) and also test your eyes. 

  • Tinted Lenses 
  • Gradient Lenses
  • Mirrored Lenses
  • Clear Lenses and Fashion Glass
  • Ultra Thin Prescription Thickness
  • Varifocal and Progressive Lenses

Lunettes Selection serves up vintage eyewear from refined and rare to fun and kooky.  Satisfaction is guaranteed, whether you buy online or in-store, eyeglasses or sunglasses, vintage or retro. 

May I ask you a question? 

Certainly! The team would love to discuss further details regarding the Aviator sunglasses frames in our vintage goody bag, and to make sure you get your ideal pair, be it retro or modern. Ask us any questions you might have about  shades. Contact us at your convenience. By telephone reach us toll-free within Germany. You can also reach us by email at any time. Our helpful employees speak English, German, and Dutch.

More plastic, metal, horn, and acetate models await you in our Berlin stores, or by request. View the selection in the online store, and consider placing a sample order for vintage and retro frames with our special service that allows you to try-on at your convenience.  Our on-staff optical experts can assist you  regarding which lenses suit your prescription and also your price needs the best. 

Anything else about Lunettes Selection? 

We've been written up in publications from Architectural Digest to Sleek, and Les Mads said we were "probably the finest eyewear shop in Berlin." 

We're pleased to offer our services to an international group eyewear fans from every walk of life who appreciate style, quality, and a refined view. And we look forward to serving you.

* incl. tax, plus shipping